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Current prices (valid since 01.11.2007)

***Remark: The service includes DVD disc, label, full colour print on disc and CD box.

Transfer from VHS, sVHS, VHS-c, sVHS-c to DVD
Transfer from Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8 to DVD
Transfer from MiniDV to DVD
Transfer from Betamax to DVD
Transfer from HDV (High definition camera) to DVD - MPG format
Transfer from HD Camera (Hard disc camera) to DVD
Transfer of videotapes, NTSC, SECAM, MESECAM format to DVD

Up to 60 min. to 1 DVD - 12 BGN.
Up to 90 min. to 1 DVD - 15 BGN.
Up to 120 min. to 1 DVD - 18 BGN.
Up to 180 min. to 1 DVD - compressed record (lower quality) - 24 BGN.
Up to 180 min. to 2 DVD - non compressed record (max quality) - 30 BGN.

Transfer from VHS to VHS (does not include the price of the videotape)

Up to 60 min. - 5 BGN per tape.
Up to 120 min. - 10 BGN per tape.
Up to 180 min. - 15 BGN per tape.
Up to 240 min. - 20 BGN per tape.

Price of videotape (VHS) - 3 BGN per tape.

Transfer of home films supper (8mm super) and normal (8mm standard) to DVD

1.50 BGN per minute, but min 30 BGN.

Standard term of the service : 3 working days.

Additional services

Express service (24 hours) - additional 5 BGN for every DVD/VHS.
Record of more than 1 media to 1 DVD/VHS - 2 BGN per DVD/VHS.
Adding of menu - 3 BGN per DVD.
Editing of the content of the DVD/VHS, work with operator - 15 BGN per hour.

DVD/CD/VHS replication (duplication) prices visit   here.

Bank account
Account holder: BO OOD

IBAN: BG42 CECB 9790 1056 1751 00
Bank: CCB AD

BO STUDIO provides the following additional services:

Transfer of vinyl records and audiotapes to CD - 7 BGN per vinyl (audiotape)
Separating of audio records to single songs - 2 BGN per CD
Transfer of videotapes to VCD, SVCD
Incorporating of sub-titres to DVD

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